Sunday, May 29, 2011

Another Fridge Friend Update

We're happy to announce the addition of bar code scanning to both the free and paid versions of Fridge Friend. One of the major challenges on a mobile device is data entry, and having the ability to scan a bar code to enter an item greatly speeds up the process.  We hope this feature will greatly enhance the user experience.  Please note that the free Barcode Scanner app is required to use this feature.  If you try to scan without the Scanner app installed, Fridge Friend will give you the option to download it.  Please let us know what you think, and happy Memorial Day!


  1. I really like what you started here. I am in need of an app like this for my beer fridge/cellar. Is it possible to export the data collected (my inventory) to a spreadsheet?

  2. @beer man

    We don't currently offer any export functionality, but it is on the radar. We'll do some research and hopefully be able to get it in a release in the near future. Thanks for the interest!

    -- Megtech